With The "Après Ski" Academy, discover the amazing Airboard !

Meeting Point : Pré-la-Joux

Airboard    Airboard

The Airboard is a winter sport of the future and is already available at the Ecole Ski Academy!

Imagine yourself lying on a cushion of air, face down, just above the snow. Your airboard can be steered by positioning the weight of your body to one side or the other. The sensation of high speed is guaranteed thanks to the proximity of the snow. It is a blast!

According to those who have tried the airboard, the behaviour is instinctive, safe and fast! The Airboard is an activity accessible to skiers and non-skiers and of any age and is great fun!

So, why not come and give this new activity a go?
Airboarding is carried out after the lifts close on the 5 km track by the chairlift Pierre-Longue supervised, of course, by the instructors of Ecole Ski Academy.

Airboards provided by Ecole Ski Academy.

Helmet and ski boots required.



Book An Airboard Session - Obtain further info about airboarding

Price Per Person - at the closing time of the lifts (lift pass not included)  
A Descent 23€

Freeride session for 1 to 8 people  
Half Day (4 hours) 200€
Full Day (7 hours) 350€





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