Discover The Cimgo

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The Cimgo allows you to browse all types of trails, gentle or steep, visit places previously inaccessible to admire the wonderful scenery, wildlife, flora or it can be used simply to accompany friends & mountain bikers ...

Be guided by our instructors!

Cimgo - handiski été   Cimgo - handiski été 2   Cimgo - handiski été 3


The driver is in full control of the front wheels of the Cimgo by using the tilt steering.

The passenger is seated comfortably in front of the instructor.

Most roads and trails will be accessible to the Cimgo.


For more information, contact Yohann at +33 (0)6 81 66 52 80 or by email


Cimgo Prices  
1 trip (2h minimum) Contact Yohann +33 (0)6 81 66 52 80
Stage sur plusieurs jours Contact Yohann +33 (0)6 81 66 52 80


Discover The Quadrix !

Feel like hiking? Quadrix is the perfect companion to ride with mountain bikers. It will allow you to operate on the rising or falling paths.

Quadrix - handiski été 1   Quadrix - handiski été 2

Alone, with family or friends, enjoy the pleasures of hiking with Quadrix!

Quadrix - handiski été 3


The powerful and quiet engine means that Quadrix can reach a top speed of 25kmh on the hiking trails in total autonomy and security.

For more information, contact Yohann at +33 (0)6 81 66 52 80 or by email



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