The Yooner

Meeting Point : Pré-la-Joux

Are you dreaming? Slide down the pistes easily, have even more thrills, all without learning ... It's done with the arrival in Ecole Ski Academy of the Yooner!

Sitting about 20 cm from the ground, a bit like like a snow kart, this new vehicle is an invitation to slide, slide, slide.

Its fun and easy to learn.

The Yooner is light, handy, equipped with a shock absorber for comfort and a shoe that allows you to "carve turns" as in skiing. The activity is carried out after the lifts close on the 5 km track by the chairlift Pierre-Longue supervised by instructors of Ecole Ski Academy.

Yooner provided by School Ski Academy. Helmet required



Book An Yooner Session - Obtain further info about Yooner

Private Yooner lesson with Cyril (lift pass not included)  
One hour 52€


Yooner: Price Per Person From the closing time of the lifts (lift pass not included)  
The Descent 22€



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